IDE Settings

In this short article I'll tell you how I customized my main code editor Visual Studio Code.


I didn't change the font - I use the default one which is called Consolas. My font size is set to 18. The main reason for that is livestreaming coding on Twitch.


I have two favourite themes - Ayu Mirage and Moonlight. File and folder icons which represent the coding languages are from the Material Icon Theme.


If you want to save some time when creating new React components or Next.js pages you should definitely try out ES7 React snippets. This extension supports Typescript and also various syntax options.

Code is formatted by Prettier and checked by ESLint.

When I started coding I used normal CSS and later tried out Sass. Today I really use just TailwindCSS. That's why Tailwind CSS IntelliSense comes in handy.

Here are some other useful extensions I've installed:

I also have more extensions for intellisense and formatting of other individual languages and frameworks but you can find and install those according to your needs.


So this is my IDE setup which I used to build a lot of websites and web applications including this one. I hope that this article helped you ;)